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CryBaby Semi-Permanent Mascara lasts for 2 weeks!!!

Impervious to everything. Including tears of joy.

CryBaby Semi-Permanent Mascara is a procedure that curls and coats lashes with our exclusive lash formula. CryBaby adds volume, length, curl and color to your lashes, is 100% waterproof/smear-proof and lasts 2 weeks. Perfect for daily wear, it is ideal for active lifestyles and special events, including weddings and vacations. Better still, it is professionally applied by trained technicians and only costs a fraction of the cost of extensions.

*Crybaby Mascara can be applied the day of your special event; however, we suggest having it applied 4 hours prior. You will not need to use mascara but if you choose to do so, do not attempt to use mascara other than our Nutritional Mascara. Most other mascaras on the market are petroleum-based and can shorten the life of your application.

Your CryBaby Mascara application will fade within 2 - 3 weeks naturally but if you prefer to have it removed prior to that time frame please do not attempt to pick or pull the mascara off yourself.

NUTRITIONAL MASCARA - Silky smooth botanical enriched, conditioning mascara. This is a tubal formula to add over your CryBaby application when you want to add length and volume. It is water resistant yet easily removed with a warm water wash. It is the only mascara suggested to use over your Crybaby application. Can wear with all eyelash enhancement procedures.